Friday, October 20, 2006

Phasing out raiding?

My raiding history has been as follows:

1) I had never raided before, but seeing people link and wear epics and not knowing what things looked like inside dungeons whetted my appetite.

2) The fact I wasn't able to just waltz into a raid, I have to seek our and apply (just like a job) made it seem all the more enticing. Almost like being forced to wait outside of a exclusive club.

3) Finally making it in. Wanting to make my mark and contribute. Wanting to be known as reliable and dependable. I raided constantly and stay focused on the task at hand all the time. I got epics as a result and got to see encounters not many get to see.

4) Getting burned out as a healer. Becoming that person that was depended on, but feeling the backlash from it by always being called upon to heal.

5) Wanting to branch out (solo pve, pvp) and do something other than healing all the time, but realizing all the epics I acquired don't help me kill anything one iota faster.

6) Having to raid double time to acquire damage items in addition to healing items.

7) Finding out a healer or any other class for that matter - except for the MT - is just a cog in the machine. Although it seemed I was wanted to heal, if I wasn't available I was simply replaced to keep the machine going.

8) Getting the epics that I desired, but realizing there is always better and always something that can be replaced - but as a healer - they didn't really need to be replaced.

9) Finally admitting (in part because of the Burning Crusade) that maybe raiding is no longer for me.

I like being part of a group that accomplishes things but as a priest I haven't really grown with my class - I do the same thing now in Naxx as I did when I entered MC.

At first it was all brand new, then I did it out of obligation, then I did it because I had a friend raiding that I socialized with, now I do it out of habit.

The Burning Crusade cannot come soon enough.


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