Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Netherwing Mount

Since I made it a priority to do daily quests every day for gold I hit exalted with both Sha'tari Skyguard and Netherwing recently.

I didn't bother getting the Nether Ray since I'd look weird - like a troll riding one, rather than adorable - like a gnome riding one. I did however get the majestic Netherdrake. The last sequence of quests to get your Netherwing mount are neat, I won't spoil them for anyone.

I have to thank Blizzard for adding cool things to the game that (almost) everyone can get.

When first announcing the Netherdrake Blue said "The (unarmored) nether drake ... a reward that all players can work towards, but it will still be difficult to obtain." I imagined it would be on the order of grinding for Wintersaber rep, a rep so godawful it had its own support group (amazingly still going strong even after BC. I guess its even easier to grind it now that there's probably hardly any competition.)

Now that I've done the Netherwing grind, looking back the initial epic riding skill was the real hurdle. Getting the rep was relatively easy. What made it nice was you started with only a few quests you could do, but at each level of rep more quests were opened to you. Which unlike other reputation grinds ended up making things easier the closer you got, not harder.

See you in the skies!


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