Friday, June 6, 2008

From another world...of warcraft

Just a second ago I was over at Blessing of Kings discussing raid schedules.

Someone mentioned they had quit their 5-6 night a week raid for a "guild that only raids 4 nighs a week and 4 hours a night."



Although I've done it myself in the past, all of a sudden this sounded like something completely foreign to me!

It was like listening to a player from another world.

My guild's website, which has become more of the raid guild's forum now, is less frequented by me. I'm not raiding so I don't care about sign up sheets and who's in line for what and strategies.

I like keeping track of world first boss kills, but even the race wasn't really a race with gates along the way and several of the best guilds disbanding.

And while it was cool to hear about the new legendary bow, it's extremely hard to get excited about new raid loot. Given my decreased level of participation, I'll never access it.

Maybe I'm coming full circle, back to being the player who didn't know what a raid was and listening to players talk about it like it was some other planet with a totally different culture.


Unknown said...

The stereotypical raider lifestyle is not unlike the one shown in "Make love, not Warcraft". Compared to that, 4x4h is definitely pretty casual. Many people spend more time than that watching television every week.

My guild used a 3+3+4 schedule, and did not require a high attendance to be able to get invites to raids. That time is enough to clear both Black Temple and Hyjal, so I'm not complaining.

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