Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Simpsons did it

I forgot what tv show - Family Guy? Robot Chicken? - had the joke about any story line that exists now "The Simpsons" has already done it. The Simpson probably did the joke.

Anyhoo, I read somewhere that public quests are something new in warhammer that you haven't seen elsewhere. I assume the idea of distribution at the end is the new part.

Because when WoW introduced the Shattered Sun Offensive quests everyone could get credit for a killed Emissary of Hate (anyone could place a banner through his corpse whether or not they killed him themselves or not). Also in the Kazzak area, everyone could increase their Living Flare whether they killed the elemental or not as long as you were close by when it died.

And I remember back when TBC was released thinking wouldn't it be nice if everyone could get credit for killing those voidspawns over at the edge of Hellfire Peninsula, since we were all in a bunch there anyway trying to be the first to get a shot off as they spawned (hunter *surprise* were usually first to finish their quest and move on).

So the idea of public quests is a very cool addition, but WoW kinda already did it. Well maybe Warhammer is actually a chip off the old behemoth - taking and idea and improving on it.


asdf said...

It was south park. I don't really remember anything about it just that they did it... taking over the world thing... yea... So I just started out on blogger and was looking around and found you! But yea. Public quests would seem interesting... I don't know if I can leave wow and go to warhammer. I can't think of giving another game my soul... haha. And WoW kinda did it in SSO, but that isn't really a public quest and what not. Maybe Warhammer is reinventing it differently or something. We'll just have to wait and see imo.

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