Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Choosing which achievements to chase

To quote Michael Corleone "Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in."

Attempting to "complete" all the achievements sure feels that way.

I'll never be Beelsebub the gnome warlock, who at last count, has 7,630 achievement points.

But I also realize I already may be above average myself - nearing 5,000. For example, let me use the example of a guildie who has expressed no interest in acquiring achievements points beyond what we get through raiding, etc. I must preface that he's a Death Knight. He hasn't even hit 2,000.

It's similar to "anyone who plays more than you plays to much and anyone who plays less, plays too little." How far you want to take achievements is up to you, but I think most would agree passing the 6k mark as hardcore achiever.

I have a feeling getting that far will require me to play beyond my comfort level. That leads me to choose which achievements I should bother with. For example Baron's mount is one of those achievements that could potentially take a lot of time. Yet I want the mount. I could get a ton of other achievements done in that same amount of time. Yet...it's the Baron mount!

Yeah the choices may be harder than I thought!


Mister K said...

Wow, 5000, I can hardly imagine that many achievement points we only have 6 characters in our guild with over 2000, now we are an uber casual guild with only 2 people who have even been in Naxx, and we don't PVP so its just a function of our small guild not branching out but wow, 5000 seems like alot to me, no offense, I'm just impressed!

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

Yes, I felt nearing 5,000 was close to "I play WoW too much" :D

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