Tuesday, December 15, 2009

LFG: Tank

Like anyone else playing WoW for PvE, I've been busy instancing. The LFG tool makes it easy to find groups and as someone who hasn't had too much trouble finding them in general I can imagine this is a whole new ball game for those who did.

I have to share a funny comment someone made when asked "How many bad tanks have you had? (Lfg tool)"

They answered:
In lower level instances, it's about 50/50. Most people trying to tank seem to be tank specced at least, but some have horrible gear and/or don't understand basic principles of tanking.

Okay....a tank in a lower level instance, in horrible gear and doesn't really know how to tank?

Quelle surprise.

I heard someone say tanks should group as dps, in essence spending twice as long getting gear - because you need dps gear first then hope and pray the tank will let you roll alongside him for loot.

Of course if you spend time dpsing, you're not really getting any experience actually tanking.

Groups want experienced, knowledgeable, well-geared tanks. But how do you think they get that way?


C. Pinkert. said...

I have been playing a tank class since release, and one thing I have noticed in the WotLK era is that people just don't give anyone a chance.
I started playing a warrior, tanked all Original Raids had T2 gear. BC released, continued playing the warrior. Was MT for a BT raiding guild, and I quit about a month before LK release.

Now, I came back as a DK since I wanted to try a new tanking class. Got the hang of it, started studying rotations, gearing, builds, and threat mechanics. When I first hit 80, every time I got into a group as a tank, I was laughed at. People kept leaving groups, and it was just tough to get a group to really trust me. And, honestly that is sad. People have become to accustomed to seeing epic gear and automatically associate skill with it. There are far to many welfare epics out there and they really don't mean anything anymore. Everyone and their mother's toons have epics. I have finally overcome this challenge by getting some good people to just farm for gear, but just proves your point a little more.

BTW, the same goes for healers. I had some DPS from a heroic yesterday tell a healer he needs to Que as DPS until he gets better gear. Kind of futile in my opinion.

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