Friday, February 12, 2010

One thing "hardcore" and "casual" have in common

And that is a level of what we are willing to do to progress. It just so happens hardcore players' thresholds are much, much higher.

I saw that one of the world wide top guilds, Last Resort, has decided to call it quits. From what I can tell one of the reasons is they don't want to level up alts and practice content in 10 mans (because of limited attempts on raid bosses one way to get more attempts is to have another character to run it through with).

When I first heard that some (all?) Ensidia (arguably the top guild in the world) players had 2 of the same class so they could get extra practice in, I thought to myself "Now *that* really highlights what sets them apart from everyone else". This was a while back that I heard of this, apparently since then more guilds are doing the same - which I imagine you have to if you want to stay competitive.

So it's not surprising to see someone who is different playstyle from me in just about everyway say something I would say. "Okay this right here? This right here?!?!".


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