Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fun to an extent

I hit 80 on my prot warrior and have slowed down playing it. I haven't tanked all of the heroics yet (I've been dreading the ICC ones), but once I do I'll probably park my prot warrior just like I've parked my prot pally.

Since I don't want to raid on them, there's little else for them to do except farm for Emblem of Frost gear. Which at 2 badges per day, given the way that I play, and an item costing upwards of 95 emblems... *carry the two* *ponder* No. I have no desire to do that.

I'll spend a little time getting what I can with Emblems of Triumph, maybe replace my last green/blues, then let my two tanks relax until Cataclysm.

I have had a blast leveling tanks. The instant queues. Being proactive instead of reactive as I'm used to doing on a healer. The defense loot that no one usually rolls against you on. :)

As a tank, I also have to know what is going on in an instance. As a healer, I've been known to auto-follow the group.

And then there's the feeling I'm getting tougher. One complaint I've had as a healer is the small window where you feel your gear makes you better. Especially when others around you get better your heals even mean less. DPS definitely knows how it feels each time they get an upgrade they can see their DPS tick up more. As as a tank I get to enjoy the feeling somewhat as well. Every hp extra I get means something. More threat means I can pull more, and the extra hp means I won't get destroyed by doing so.

So inevitably my fun wanes. Because at some point my gear is good enough I can pull as much as I need to pull without any feeling of risk. It's the point I work toward but its bittersweet when I reach it.


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