Thursday, July 8, 2010

RealID in GearScore Mod

Perhaps the picture was photoshopped.

But what I saw was someone's RealID listed in the tooltip.

Now whether this is possible or not it's this type of fear, even if unjustified, people have.

It does make you wonder if they've tested all aspects.

I know the final response is don't opt-in to RealID, don't use mods and addons.

Update - according to the picture was faked. Now conspiracy theorists can say "But how can you be sure?" and " isn't official!" But I'm not a conspiracy theorist. /wink

My question is will Blizzard be able to reinforce a feeling of security for its users while playing their game?

As someone said "Five years ago I shared my info because I thought it would be used for billing purposes only." And that would be a reasonable and rational expectation wouldn't it?

What choices will the WoW gaming community make now that they will regret in 5 years? months? days?


wow gold said...

For sure they can't promise security when you chose the Real ID option so better not. We still have time to contest, we just have to be vocal with how we feel so they'll know that what they're doing is out of order.

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