Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Watch yer back!

This is my "Goodbye to World of Warcraft" post*.

Goodbye to the game, and to my blog, goodbye to wowhead (anyone remember thottbot?), WoW forums, guild websites, EJ, druid how-tos, tank how-tos, raid strats, gold-making ideas, tradeskill power leveling lists, leveling guides, wowprogress, wow insider and reading other blogs that are wow-specific. I'd like to specifically thank some of these because they made the game better for me, but I could go on and on. Thanks for reading and for those who commented. *This originally was supposed to be a one-line goodbye.

I've always liked the dwarf npc's "Watch yer back!" so its my choice for goodbye. However when I pair it up with my R.I.P. MS-paint masterpiece I realize it looks like the orc is about to ambush me. I'm not going to change it, it's funnier thinking of it that way.

Watch yer back!


LarĂ­sa said...

Goodbye! I can imagine what a huge effort it takes to get out of the grip of the game. No doubt I'll do that journey one day myself. Maybe cutting down on blogging is the first step? I don't regret the time I've spent on WoW, but there's certainly more into life and well... it's limited.

Good luck on your continuing mission - to explore life.

World of Warcraft said...

So sad to hear that! Why are you bidding goodbye? This game make my day lively! I've got busy schedules but I can't afford to lose a day with out playing. It is such a wonderful past time.You can play and explore life at the same time. Just don't put limits on your happiness. Play as much as you could and as long as you can. We can never turn back time. Video game installers are still available on the online market. Live happily and enjoy playing!

Anonymous said...

Adieu. Adieu. Adieu.

And the rest is silence…

mp3 download said...

it i so sad

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