Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Green with Envy

One of my fellow bloggers
Cap'n John mentioned in a comment about leveling to 70... "in fact it's possible most of us are reluctant to level too fast because replacing our Purple items with Greens is just too sad, although it has to happen eventually."

I know I've been reluctant to replace some things I own that are epic, not necessarily because they are purple, but because of the time it took to acquire them and the memories that go along with them. Finally downing Nefarian after months and getting a drop off the dragon, finally after more months getting deep enough in AQ40 so that the rep rolls in and being able to get the epic ring, my Benediction which didn't take long but still holds a special place for a priest...yeah its hard to take replacements that come as rewards from quests that are simple and take you at most 15 minutes to do start to finish. Hard once I get replacements (which don't seem long coming) for me to relegate them to the bank or even worse, vendor them!

A friend of mine has, so far, refused to replace any thing he has with a green. Blues, however, seem worthy.

I'm not one of those players up in arms about the fact I raided for a long time only to see my items so quickly and easily replaced, but I can understand how they feel.

What about you? Are you holding on to your epics (if you had any?) Or are you out-healing, out-damaging me in your greens? ;)


Anonymous said...

So far I've literally replaced *one* set piece of my healing gear (i'm a resto druid). Nothing else has been an upgrade at all - and I'm level 70. I haven't run the higher instances all that much, so I expect that to change, but the healing-leather drops are rare and not that great, most T2 stuff is better.

Weapons I've replaced multiple times over, my feral set for soloing has gone through a number of gorgeous upgrades and I have new rings, trinkets and necklaces.

Anonymous said...

After going to through the leveling in tbc ive replaced all my feral catgear, most of the tanking gear, but interesting enough, only two pieces in my healing gear. Feral gear has gone up by 800 ap and doubled my hp, but gone down by 2,5-3 crit%. Going cat/offtank in our raids to Karazhan now, so i assume my healing gear isnt getting any better anywhere soon.

Cap'n John said...

At 63 I finally downed the last two Demons to get my Epic Hunter bow Rhok'delar (yes, a little slow of me, I know). The bow I was using at the time was a Green quest reward, the Feather-wrapped Bow, and it was practically the equal to Rhok. When I dinged 64 I immediately began the Nagrand Mastery quests so I could at least replace Rhok with a Blue Gun. I entered the Outlands with the Epic Dwarven Hand Cannon and eventually was using a Green Bow, so I already had one Epic weapon replaced by a Green, I didn't want to see it happen again.

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