Monday, February 12, 2007

Karazhan: The UBRS of Outland?

It's natural to take something new and apply something old to it to describe it.

Orange is the new pink.
Random is the new order.
Honor Hold is the new Barrens.

Well apparently after hearing/seeing this comment in several different places, Karazhan is the new UBRS. I'm not entirely sure what that means. I'm not sure if its a reflection of its size, raid requirement, complexity or lack thereof, or what.

Karazhan, lore depicted here, is the first 10-man raid instance which seems to be the lowest place you can getepic loot. (Aside from doing instances on heroic.) Here at WoW Insider they even question if its worth doing. I haven't looked into whether you need the rep from there (like you could get Argent Dawn rep from going to Scholomance and Stratholme in order to go to Naxxramas), or if it drops resist gear that is needed further up the raid chain (in the same way after running MC over and over you had fire resist that helped you with Ragnaros and further on to BWL) or if at the end if something drops that allows you access to another instance (the way the blood of Drakkisath was required to get into Onxyia's Lair.)

So although Karazhan is being described this way, its not really revealing anything to me that I can connect to.

At least not like how Magtheridon is the new Onyxia. I totally understand that.


Anonymous said...

and Nargrade is the New STV


Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

Kill 30 Talbuk.

Kill 30 Greater Talbuk.

Kill Longhorn, the Mightiest Talbuk of the All.

Anonymous said...


Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

I love comments, but it helps to explain what is meant by yours?

I can only assume you mean Karazhan is different because it drops T4?

Its not a comparison of the type of loot that drops there. Although I remember when people ran UBRS all the time trying to get their first set piece, way before it was called Tier 0 or Dungeon 0 or whatever they call it now.

It is a comparison of the level of organization required. If Karazhan didn't have a lockout timer, it would probably have an even closer comparison.

The point was how we try to compare the new world to the old.

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