Friday, March 9, 2007

Another WoW blog to add to the list

I've come across a blog I wanted to share. Big Red Kitty

A blog about a hunter and his big red cat.

Not sure how I hadn't come across that one before now.

He has renewed my interest in obtaining an epic flying mount. (It also encouraged me to change the look of my blog, if you hadn't noticed!)

When it comes to things you can do in this game solo and feel like you've accomplished something - epic mounts come to mind. It seems like alot of players have them but many don't.

On my very first character I didn't even think much about having a regular mount, that is until the friends I sometimes quested with were leaving me in the dust. I finally started saving up (and eventually borrowing some gold) until I was able to get my first mount as a level 42. Borrowing for a regular mount seems so odd now. But it seemed like such a huge amount back then.

The next time around I was prepared (its cheaper to level a clothie who doesn't rely on updated weapons) and able to get my first mount as soon as I dinged 40. It no longer felt like a big deal.

By this time I wanted an epic mount - for the looks mostly. Once again the amount of an epic seemed huge. I tried hard to wait but ended up borrowing gold from friends so I could enjoy riding in style.

An epic mount does change things. Its no longer a pain to get around, you are also able to ride out of harms way easier. And I don't need to mention the advantage it gives you in pvp. Regular mounts in a battleground need not apply.

Then comes the Burning Crusade. I always felt mounts were just a luxury, but with tBC flying mounts became a necessity. At least if you were to do some of the instances that could only be reached by flight. I had first planned to just save up for the epic and forego the regular flying mount. Instead it didn't take me long after I hit 70 to go ahead and purchase one.

An regular flying mount is nice, it changes the scenery, it is cool and I like having one. But I think an epic flying mount will change the game for me just like my first epic ground mount did.

I once again, have friends leaving me in the dust as they start quests while I'm still getting my gryphon off the ground. I found it quicker to just use the regular flight paths, as my own mount feels like riding in a hot air balloon, when really what I want is a airplane to get me from pt. A to pt. B. From what I've seen and heard an epic flying mount is like having your own jet.

And as usual, the amount seems SO HUGE. What's next instant teleports that cost 30,000 gold? But I'd probably gasp at the amount of gold I've spent in this game on all my various characters. Why not save it all up this once and have something to show for it that - for the foreseeable future - beam me up Scotty aside - will last me and won't be outdated because a better flying mount dropped off of Illidan.

So that's my latest goal. I'm looking forward to it, because it is one I can accomplish on my own time at my own pace.

I'm guessing it will take me a month - based on absolutely no data. Do you have an epic mount? How long did it take you to go from 0g to 5200g?


BRK said...

It took BRK three weeks of grinding ore and Netherweb Spider Silk to go from 400g, when he purchased his Golden Gryphon, to 5207g, when he purchased his Swift Green Gryphon.

Greenie was worth every second of grinding, and every copper he cost. You will never truly understand until you achieve +280%, but believe me, you will be blown away.

Thanks for the link and the shout-out. :)

Let Hunters Pull!

Cap'n John said...

A long time ago I borrowed gold from my Guild Leader to purchase my 40 Mount, then farmed the hell out of the next few days and paid him back.

At 60 I was farming with a friend when I mentioned I just needed another 50g to buy my Epic Mount (took me less than a week to raise 800g, pre-BC). He promptly opened a trade window and dropped 50g in it.

When that same friend mentioned that he was thinking of buying 1,000g (no judgements, please) so he could get his 60 Epic Mount I asked him how much he needed. He said 540g. I told him to meet me in Darnassus (he's a NElf Druid) and when he arrived I returned his earlier favor with a gift of 550g. He hasn't paid me back and I don't expect him to. If he ever does that's great, but if not that's fine, too. It's only a game and gold comes easy in the Outlands. I think I now have around 500g again, and this is after donating another 100g to the Guild Bank so they could buy 4 Bank Slots. If I really put my mind to it, and I devoted a few hours each day to farming, I suspect I could have 500g+ inside a month.

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