Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Truth in posting

Yesterday, Tobold posted something to incite discussion, saying he held one position when I guess he actually held another.

While I was totally confused by his initial stance, even going so far as to think someone had taken his blog hostage, I fell for the bait. Afterwards, I was relieved to find he didn't really think shadow priests were gimp. I feel silly now for trumpeting the good things about shadow priests, because I can assume he already knew about them. But for anyone has played one before BC, it is common to find yourself justifying your existence to others and yourself. Its like a knee-jerk reaction.

I picked a priest to heal, but unless you stay parked inside instances (I've posted many times on the subject) in reality holy feels gimp while shadow is more overall game friendly.

Whether Tobold was just being a devil's advocate, opinions like those make you want to roll a warlock or a mage and never have to sell your role to anyone. Because it does get tiring. No one would ever ask what role I'm fulfilling in today's group. DPS duh!

As I commented to Tobold, I'll look at his blog with a raised eyebrow from now on. Which is a good thing to do with anything on the internet anyway.

Which reminds me, its almost time for April Fool's Day. Many sites will post something silly that people will believe (remember Wisp as the new race?) and the next day we'll all /facepalm or smugly comment "I knew it was a joke all along!"


Tobold said...

Sorry to have confused you. I'm experimenting with different styles of rhetoric on my blog, and sometimes it confuses people. Remember the Freezing Jihad parody? Because I don't usually do parodies, lots of people reacted weirdly to that one.

The good thing of this experiment was that it got you to comment. If I had just written the piece you already agreed with, you'd have remained silent. :)

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

I recognized the Freezing Jihad for what it was right away. :D

"I knew it was a joke all along!"

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