Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Expansion=3 months

I was wondering how long Blizzard spent on developing the Burning Crusade expansion.

I'm just imagining that it took them a year (wild guess), and yet many of us consumed it all within 3 months (if you exclude raiding content).

I think BC was well done, and if WoW consisted of players who only spent a few hours a week playing it would have lasted a long time. But WoW consists more of players who play several hours per day and as a result I would wager the average player has made it to 70 by now.

Maybe my view is skewed, extremely skewed perhaps. Because I am surrounded by guildmates some who have leveled draenei from 1 to 70, and others who have multiple 70s, exalted with various factions, flying epics mounts and working on getting more.

None of them mention being bored with WoW, I'm sure this is because they are focused on the upcoming raid content. But for those of us (I'm new to the club) who don't care about raiding what is really left for us?

We'll find out soon how long the next patch content will last us.


Sean said...

Even the raid content (most of which hasn't even been seen by the vast majority of players) was a large portion of BC content... Karazhan, The Eye, and Hyjal were all in on release. Buggy and untested in beta, but implemented. I'm sure they spent a good amount of time in BC development working on Black Temple too... guess it just wasn't fully finished in time for the January release. After I started LOTRO I unfortunately kinda grew disinterested in raiding... I loved Karazhan's atmosphere and boss encounters, but kinda disappointed that I probably won't experience the work they put into anything beyond that.

Enjoy the blog (especially as a former priest) - helps to keep me sane at work :)

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

While some players said Karazhan was easy - I know the top guilds blew through it - I thought it was challenging.

And challenging is fun. There was a point I was sick of wiping on the Aran fight, but that made finally beating it all that more satisfying.

Like you, I enjoyed the atmosphere as well.

Karazhan will be my last official raiding experience. I'll still fill in on whatever I'm keyed for, but I'm not longer actively trying to finish up attunements.

People complained about the loot, but since I've started taking the game more casually I can't even agree with them about that.

I give Karazhan an A- if I were grading instances. For me, Karazhan was a nice way to end my raiding career. (Career haha, yeah raiding was more of a job in my opinion!)

And thanks for letting me know you enjoy the blog!

Anonymous said...

I'd say you're in the unfortunate position of playing enough to consume most of the content in 3 months, and feel done, but not want to spend the next 9 months raiding.

Maybe that's why I have practically avoided lvling to 70 (my main's only 67 atm), and have instead played repetitive things that I enjoy in the game, namely pvp, at lower brackets. So basically, I've been consuming all that new BC content at an extremely slow rate. It kinda sucks when you're stuck with nothing new to do, especially when that's what you prefer. The BC seems almost mean in that regard, in that it gives everyone a break from the standard repetitive raiding and grinding game, only to throw it back in their face once they get to 70.

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

The very first time I hit 60 (I wasn't a raider at the time) I looked around, saw that there was nothing really for me to do and I ended up cancelling my subscription.

The second time around, on this priest, I hit 60 and started raiding. Raiding keeps you busy. I leveled up, hit 70 and continued raiding. Felt like I had too much to do! But that is because raiding takes up sooo much time.

But now that I've quit raiding I'm looking around again and thinking. Yeah there's still not much to do.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit biased since I'm horribly addicted to PvP more than anything else. At any bracket.

Denis Dubois said...

I am currently playing a 70 Mage, 70 Warrior and an up and comming Priest who is at 65.

Not being in a raiding guild I find myself doing PvP or levelling alts to find stuff to do.

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