Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Leaving LOTRO

I mentioned a few posts earliers about canceling my Lord of the Rings Online subscription. When you cancel they warn you your characters may not exist if you decide to come back.

Not a big deal since all my characters only had a few levels on them, but what if WoW told you that?


Fraxx said...

Hi, I like reading your site. I'm playing LoTR after a long time WoW habit and have it found it much easier to turn it off and play at a casual level. Did you play enough to see that as well, or did you just decide to stick with WoW on sheer time invested alone?

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

Hi fraxx, LOTRO didn't grab me like WoW did or even EQ2 at first (back in 2004). I couldn't wait to log on those games in the beginning.

But LOTRO I didn't play it long enough to tell if it would be a good casual game really, its like I forgot I even had the account.

Isn't it funny (or sad) that WoW isn't considered casual anymore?

Anonymous said...

it would suck if wow told you that...

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