Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Can we get prepared?

You don't hear it anymore, but the catchphrase for the Burning Crusade was Illidan Stormrage saying "You are not prepared!" for those entering Outland through the Dark Portal.

Casual players, a relative term, complained that they would never see the Black Temple (the place where Illidan resides).

But with the top guilds blowing through most of the Black Temple in a matter of weeks, is it possible that casual guilds may get a shot at seeing Illidan one day? Apparently some of these same guilds are almost finished with the Battle of Mt. Hyjal too.

Our guild hasn't seen the inside of Serpentshrine Cavern, let alone the Eye. Perhaps our chances at fighting Archimonde and Illidan are very slim.

Alot of it depends on how much players are willing to "prepare". Run various 5-mans to get the necessary rep. Use that rep to run heroics (consisting of trials that require a certain amount of skill and gear). Kill some bosses which is no small feat (last boss in 10-man Karazhan, last boss in 25-man Gruul's Lair), only boss in 25-man Magtheridon's Lair.) After enough people get that done, you need to kill the last boss in SSC and the Eye. AND THEN and only then can you get into the Battle and BT.

Sound like alot to do? Yeah it is. Can we get prepared? Blizzards seems to have made the instances easier, so maybe with enough time, we can.

Edit: I didn't take in to account the fact that many top guilds had been learning the BoMH and BT for maybe months now in unbuffed pre patch 2.1 gear. It makes sense that they are able to go rather fast through content they already know wearing better gear. So, it is probably a bad idea to use their success as a gauge.


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