Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The one thing that is consistent...

...is change.

On the right side of my blog is a list of links to other blogs. Recently I've had someone (in the comments sections of my posts) request that I link to their blog. But actually I don't put links there at requests from others. I put links there because those are blogs I either like the content or look of. Links that I like to check out either daily or weekly.

The list changes now and again. Most recently I removed Adventures of Aeigelus because while I like the look of the blog and enjoyed keeping up with what Aeigelus had been up to, it hadn't been updated in several months. Some other blogs I check out on a regular basis haven't been updated in a while either - sometimes the gamers have just been really busy raiding or with Real Life and eventually come back.

After periodically checking on Inner Fire I finally moved it to my "priest" section, because the blogger has long since quit playing WoW, moved on to other things and no longer posts about it and doesn't appear as if she'll ever come back. Still a nice blog but the focus of the content has be redirected. The same goes for the popular Tobold's MMORPG Blog where Tobold has moved from playing WoW to LOTRO and based on some comments many of his readers are unhappy about. He still writes about MMORPGs and in his defense I don't think it was ever called Tobold's WoW Blog. But I also find myself only skimming over the stuff about LOTRO. Now I can see why anyone who doesn't play WoW would be bored with my blog!!!

My blog will go the way of the Dodo some day too. Because just as my blog is no longer about Life in Azeroth as it is Life in Outland, on day it will be my Life in Warhammer Online or some other game. And it would probably be simpler to just start a new blog than to have someone link to me and wonder why I'm not posting about WoW or why I'm not posting at all.


Lamthara said...

nice to see, anyway, I'm still there eheheh ^^.

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