Monday, October 8, 2007

Jack of all healing

...master of none.

AKA today's mini-rant AKA spent time playing my priest main recently.

If you check WoW's official site for class descriptions, the first words that describe the priest class are as follows "Priests are the masters of healing". I, like I'm sure many others, took that to mean if you want to play a healer play a priest.

Times have changed for the career healer. In my limited experience the master of healing in BC is the paladin. With this in mind, I understand the hard feelings warriors have when tanking is usurped by paladins and druids. Or when mages feel pushed out by warlocks. You picked a class because it was tailored for it. Yet another class does your pigeonholed job just as well if not better.

It's hard to describe without it sounding like nothing but sour grapes. But I can bitter it up even more. A priest can do the grunt (no pun intended) work. But becoming Master of the 5-man when no one can find a paladin wasn't in the job description.


Ardent Defender said...

I'm a Paladin and though i'm not Holy Spec (Healer), Paladins are NOT the master of healing. Paladins are best at SINGLE TARGET HEALING ONLY for which they are mana efficient! Place Blessing of Light on a SINGLE target it gets more efficient for that Paladin healer on SINGLE TARGET ONLY.

Priests are Master of all around healing or in simpler terms a composite of each and every type of healing any of the other classes can do. They can do every kind of healing the other classes are caparable of.

Each other hybrid healing class is only good at ONE single element healing. Though i'm not a priest they can do healing that compose of all of the elements of all the Hybrid classes and anything else a priest can do.

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

That's pretty much what I'm getting at, everything we can do can be done better by another class.

When the other classes aren't present, sure we're okay. But at endgame okay isn't really good enough.

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