Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lasting guilds

I've found raiding wasn't the culprit for all the time I spent in the game. I wanted to pin it on something. But I still play as much as I ever have it seems.

I came across a guild website that recently disbanded. They were "the" guild when I first started playing. They had all the first tiers, back when I didn't even know what instance dropped what. I would get close enough to inspect them and sometimes ask "Where'd you get that?" questions I'm sure they were asked many times before. But then, when you stand on the AH bridge or in front of the bank steps what do you expect? ;)

Yet after the rough part (so I've heard) of Naxxramas, and the sever caused by changing 40-mans to 25, this guild that competed on a worldwide level is no more.

BC has its casualties. I was really wrong when I predicted the 25-man limit would be a boon for raiding guilds. Instead it seems, having to be on your toes for every single raid is draining for many. And not being able to sub in replacements without extensive re-learning is painful. PvP and crafting offers you armor and weapons on par with what raid instances offer. The top guilds are pulling players from other guilds. Guild "loyalty" is fleeting. Guilds built on players desiring raid progression can't be surprised when one of their own leaves for even better progression.

I'd rather raid with people who like to play with each other. Those that put guild cohesiveness above progression. But that also has its drawbacks as you get tired of wiping on the same bosses. Those guilds tend to have players who raid with other guilds. And sometimes those same players just end up leaving to join the more progressed guild just like the top raiding guilds experience attrition. Its made me a bit of a cynic as far as raiding goes.

The guild I am in has recruited lots of new people that I don't know. Since I don't raid anymore, I haven't bothered to get to know them. Especially when they've joined just to raid. Even though I did the exact thing when I joined almost 2 years ago. I don't worry too much about it, in the age of revolving door guilds.


Ratshag said...

It's a bummer, and I got no answers. I joined a tiny little guild when I first started out in Azeroth, 'cause some of the members used to play this ame RL with me when we was kids. It's good people in this guild, and I likes killin' things with 'em. And that's good fun.

But we ain't never gonna get real far into the raiding 'cause there ain't enough of us, or enough talent and time. And so our best guildie is running Kara on weekends with her new friends, and a couple of the Taurens have said "I'm bored" and put theyselves out to pasture, and I does me best to get five together one night a week so we can clear a dungeon.

And so one focuses on finding the fun and tryin' not to get too hung up on da epics. /shrug

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

Not getting hung up on da epics is always good advice for old bulls as well as fresh faced night elves.

But there is a segment of the WoW population that does enjoy raiding. And a segment of that population that enjoys raiding with friends (even if many are friends they've made in WoW) and family.

I think BC has made it hard on them.

It's like they made raiding accessible, yet still gave it the same difficulty, actually its even harder than it used to be. And expected people to thrive.

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