Thursday, November 29, 2007

I don't like the people I raid with...

Actually I do.

But I got this sentiment off the General Forums from the official WoW site.

Apparently raiders are upset that epics are so easy to get from PvP they are slowly running our of people to raid with. Someone bemoaned the fact that all the people who only raided for epics are gone because they could get their epeens enlarged elsewhere through arenas.

My question was do they really miss these people?

And then it dawned on me, people have been raiding with people they don't particularly like or care in the name of progress since raiding began. Of course. And that's why you have raiding guilds who won't put your Aunt Charlotte in that last dps spot.

The desire for epics have fueled the raiding machine for years. But people are refusing to pay the high cost of fuel in form of repairs and only a chance at an epic versus the guaranteed epics at the end of a few weeks or months of arenas and battlegrounds.

Someone else finally started another thread stating the problem isn't PvP "welfare epics", but raiding itself is what is turning raiders away. The randomness of drops, the trash and trash respawns, the repair and consumable costs.

With Patch 2.3 PvP rewards supposedly better than what you can get out of the hardest raid dungeons, I'm guessing it isn't just epeen chasers that are asking why am I bothering to raid.


Unknown said...

Spot on. The PvE vs PvP schism would be a smaller problem if PvE and PvP gear were sufficiently different, making one unsuitable to be used in the other.

This works with PvE gear in PvP fights, but not the other way around. The Merciless Gladiator sets and especially the weapons were better for PvE than the PvE items found in tier 5 instances. One had to go to Black Temple and Hyjal to get better gear. Hence the complaints from PvErs.

Furthermore, you are guaranteed to get PvP items eventually, but you have no guarantees whatsoever to get PvE items. Which one would you pick: A guaranteed upgrade in X weeks for 10 fights a week, or several hours of raiding every day just to have a chance to see an item taken by your "teammate" and no guarantees of the said item ever dropping again?

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