Monday, November 19, 2007

It's a myth

Zero pressure raiding?

Yes ontherocks you're right, I can do better. But it was more of a bookmark for me, to come back to later.

And, here I am.

In that post I saw the history of raiding in the guild I'm in:

*Finding out if many in the guild want to go the direction of end-game raiding
*Discovering which ones really mean it - by always being prepared
*Discovering those who don't - by being late, no consumables
*The break down of the so-called "relaxed, friendly atmosphere"
*Having to choose certain class mixes, some tried and true members falling by the wayside
*Hearing comments of how the "guild has changed"
*For those who decide to stay and thrive, the camaraderie of working as a team
*For those who stay and struggle, watching from the sidelines

And where I've struggled personally
*Deciding "not being quite casual enough but succeeding at group content is better for most guilds than being too casual and failing."

Why I say its a myth? I just think you can't be casual, not really. What I've heard people call casual (imagine spending 3-4 hours a night, 3-5 nights a week bowling or softball or soccer) really isn't.


Sourmash said...

C'mon, a link with no opinion on the article aside from the post title? You can do better than that.

Unless my guildmates are lying to me, a zero pressure raiding environment is not a myth.

Sourmash said...

You know, it's a fair point that he and you make. If for no other reason than "casual" has a different definition for everyone.

The use of the word on forums and blogs invokes class warfare and flaming that would make a Sunday Morning political talk show host blush (see Tobold lately, wow)

All I can point to is that we have a very small tight knit group that seems to have matching definitions of casual. 2 nights, 3 hours each. The key is us all being on the same page about our level of commitment. We're upfront to those we bring in, and make sure their definition jives with ours.

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