Monday, May 5, 2008


My pug experiences leveling up in normal instances were, let's say, 90% positive. That's a pretty good percentage to entice me to look forward to doing heroics.

I've managed to clear every heroic I've done, but my experience has dropped to 75%. Not so low to make me stop doing them, but not so high for me to look forward to doing them.

I want to take steps to improve my made up percentage.

Now, I spent time getting gearing up to make sure I didn't gimp the group. i.e. I followed the suggestion for gearing up for Karazhan. I actually tanked several bosses in Kara, so I feel my gear is good enough.

Unfortunately, in the few heroics I've done so far I'm noticing there will always be at least one who doesn't do the same. And sometimes two or three. I'm not saying someone should outgear the place, but I swear I think people join LFG heroics 15 minutes after dinging 70.

So against my nature, I'm starting to become more choosy when looking for people to join my groups. And it is no surprise people in LFG are starting to advertise themselves. "Full epics"...."800 shadow damage"...

I've begun whispering people about their gear and armorying them. I hate hate hate that, because I don't like feeling like I'm elitist. Also it isn't like there are a slew of people wanting to do heroics anyway.

But after spending hours in instances that people say should take an hour and wiping on pulls that we should have no business wiping on, I feel it is worth to myself and the group.

I'll admit a lot of this has to do with me being a new tank. I'm sure there are things I make mistakes in doing. But if I get stunned and you get 1-shot, better gear helps with that. If the healer runs out of mana because it takes us too long to kill something, gear helps with that. I'm not sure exactly how awesome tank druids dps is, but you should be doing more dps than me, gear helps with that.

I don't expect zero wipes. I don't expect people not to make mistakes. But just imagine the cushion you have by gearing up in all the methods available. People notice, I know I do.

In the meantime, to help ease my pain, I try to only do the heroics that match whatever the daily is. That way at least I get 2 extra badges for the trouble.

I'm halfway to one of those 2.4 badge rewards. I continue to find it insane that anyone thinks badges are easy to come by. But I digress.


Ardent Defender said...

As a dedicated Tank (Protec Paladin) I run quite a few Heroics. On most days I really care less what the daily is. I run whatever heroics I enjoy or find fun and challenging. For me it a chance to always stay sharp and on my game.

What I find most people in the group do is asking if the heroics I'm running is the daily. I just run whatever. At the end they enjoy the run and glad they came. But from my experience all most people seem to want to do is the Daily for Heroics.

You get good as a Tank by pushing your limits. Expect things to not go well at times. But learn from when it does not go well. The only person on my 5 man run that gear matters to me as a Tank is the Healer. And as long as the DPS is not in greens sub lvl 70 gear I pretty much careless their gear. And this is from a Tank that famous for PuGing ever Heroic run. However everyone is different.

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

And as long as the DPS is not in greens sub lvl 70 gear I pretty much careless their gear.

This was what I was getting. So now I've resorted to checking their gear on the armory before inviting. :/

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