Monday, May 12, 2008

Sometimes you get lucky

I try to get a group going for a heroic in my guild first before pugging it. I've only been successful getting a few to join me once. Most of the people in my guild don't need to do heroics. They can get badges from 10-man speed runs and 25-mans drop badges now.

So I'm not one of these players who refuses to pug, because if I were I have a feeling I'd never get to do any heroics.

So this weekend, I spammed for the daily heroic got some surprisingly well-geared people to join (they must have been really bored). I went from worrying if we'd have enough dps to worrying if I'd be able to maintain aggro.

The heroic went very well, with just one wipe due to us trying to rush it.

Sometimes you get lucky with pugs.


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