Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm not lazy

One of the things you can read quite often on the forums is how lazy "casuals" are. And how easy things are made so "casuals" can participate. And "casuals" aren't willing to put in the work for rewards.

For one brief moment I almost started to believe them - "I *do* want things easy, I'm lazy and don't want to work for rewards!".

But it isn't true. I'm not lazy. I could, and have, spent months where I spent consecutive hours raiding for rewards. I could, and have, spent months where I have run battlegrounds for rewards.

But those activities ceased to become fun for me. So, because I choose to not participate in tedious, boring activity I'm lazy?

I think we have our descriptions or expectations wrong.

Doing quests is a fun activity for me. I know some players who skip quests and either instance or grind to max level. Are they lazy because they've skipped a ton of quests?

I know some players who only log on to compete in arenas. Are they lazy because they don't raid? Are raiders lazy because they don't compete in arenas?

I hope achievements give "hardcore" players the recognition they desire. That recognition that sets them apart from others who decide what they like doing should be rewarded in some better way. Maybe that would make them happy and they can quit finding time to label the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

I understand what you are saying.

A couple months ago I came up with my view of the current debate, the players I termed as “neo-casuals”.

In Vanilla WoW, casuals played the game and were not rewarded enough or given enough things to do at max level. Many PvP focused players also were severely penalized.

But in that environment, it was my experience that most of the casual players were quite skilled and knowledgable about the game. They did every quest, every 5 man, every BG and researched each piece of gear they could acquire. PvPers were the same, although most had to concede to raid to survive (but in doing so often became the most dynamic players in the game skill wise).

Both of those types of players though, treated this as an RPG. They took what time they had to invest in a character. They had long term goals. And they enjoyed a challenge.

I was really, really excited that Blizzard planned to reward these players.

The “neo-casual” however came in with BC. They treat WoW like a console game, and their toon as “Zelda” or “Mario”with no investment or even curiosity about their class. They know only the talents in their trees that are in the build of the highest ranked arena guy of their class. And they want a GTA cheat code for phat lootz, although I have no idea what most of them need it for.

Heroic Mech was intriguing in early Kara Gear and blues. In full S2 and demanding a T5+ healer and tank it is laughable. Even more annoying that you tell me how lame/easy PvE is as you continue to sinister strike the boss with melee reflect shield and are kept up only because I don’t want to bothered to rez you.

They afk in BGs to get PvP gear that they use to grief lowbies, which is the PvP equivelant of killing boars in Elwynn. When they aren’t afk in BGs they are asking you to lose any game longer than 6 minutes in length.

Amazing that as so much PvP gear has gone out so many basic PvP concepts have disappeared. A full S3 toon who doesn’t target the healer in the back instead of the Tauren Warrior; or the S2 rogue who kills himself trying to attack the prot pally instead of bleed kiting him.

Those are the lazy casuals that most are talking about. Sure some of the screams I have seen are from the e-peen stroking raider set, but most of the most unhappy people I know in game right now are the original casuals and the hardcore BG PvPers.

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