Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wrath: Rerolling, DK or sticking with main?

Since I've pretty much decided I'm going to play the next WoW expansion, I'm thinking about what my plans will be when I come back.

I still have fun playing a druid and at this point no other class appeals to me so much that I'm willing to start at 1 and level up to 80. So I'm sticking with my main.

I do want to play a deathknight as Blessing of Kings suggested.

Will I stick with it? Most likely no. It would have to really turn out to be a fun playstyle for me. And it would have to sway me away from my druid altogether. Because I have no plans to level up multiple characters anymore.

It is doubtful a DK would make me turn my back on my druid. Because the things I like about playing a druid cannot be replaced by a DK. But a druid and DK can both tank and dps you say! Ah, but the real joy I get out of playing a druid are some very simple things.

Stealthing and instant cast swift flight. Yep that's it.


Ardent Defender said...

I'm looking forward to playing a DK and make him my 3rd 70 to go along with my P.Paladin and Hunter and no more 70's.

I find I can only really FOCUS on playing 2 classes with consistency and familiarity of skill at anyone time. 3rds 70 is just for farming and social fun grinding out whatever I want or need to farm if i feel like it.

But who i level first to 70. Well that be my Main Character my Protection Paladin. Then my Hunter to farm and conquer the AH market while its still profitable early in the expansion. Later will level a DK when i get to it in spare time.

Ardent Defender

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

That's another thing I like about my feral druid. I'm able to farm without clawing my eyes out (pardon the pun).

My holy priest was able to kill things but obviously not with the ease or quickness of a dps class. I could live with it or respec multiple times. After a while that gets annoying. I had other classes I used to farm with. Luckily they turned out to be fun to play - hunter for example - but feeling the need to level a class just to support my other class felt like too much upkeep.

Now focusing on my druid I have a class I like to play as well as "work" with.

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