Friday, October 10, 2008

In case I hadn't mentioned it

I unsubscribed from Lord of the Rings Online for the second time. I'm pretty sure this time it is for good.

My friend doesn't like the combat and has probably logged less than an hour with me total out of all the months we've both paid for. Here's what's interesting he doesn't want to unsubscribe because he wants to support the game. As I mentioned before he's the LotR fan, not me. Too bad neither of us just couldn't find it fun enough to stick with.

And now with Warhammer I'm thinking I'm not going to subscribe to any more months either. :/

Yet there's WoW calling me back with it's siren song.


Anonymous said...

It is really hard to unplug from everything that is going on with WotLK but it sounds like that is what you need to do. I stopped playing a few weeks ago intending to come back when WotLK hits. During that time I haven't really taken a break... ok I haven't logged on and played but I have been reading news, blogs and my guild forum constantly in that time. Its kind of worked my brain into a frenzy and its really hard not to resubscribe. Especially with 3.02 hitting next week.

I quit for 2 months in January because I almost lost my marriage because I was ignoring what was going on. I was very cautious when I started playing again and have kept a really good relationship with my wife. Right now though with as much as I want to play it worries me.

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

I'm going to re-subscribe and see if I can play for "just a little bit".

I imagine it will be like "snorting just a little crack".

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