Friday, January 2, 2009

The Alt Expansion?

A while back, in an attempt to lessen my play time, I decided to focus on playing one character instead of spreading it out among alts. This dovetailed nicely with the introduction of achievements. More time on one character, more opportunity to complete achievements on it.

But with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion I've noticed a curious thing. With its ease of leveling, ease of regular instances, ease of heroics and current ease of raiding even the more casual player can finish end game within a few months of its release.

The curious thing is how many players, at least in my guild, have essentially shelved their main characters to play alts. In the past it would at least take several months before you even found things have eased up enough (getting your professions maxed, getting your gear crafted, getting attunements) to have "free" time to start playing alts.

"But there is a lot of end game left!" you say. Finishing all heroic achievements and killing Sartharion with 3 drakes up is something to strive for, but doesn't take up all your play time unless your guild is focusing on it.

So while lucky to start running heroics with my guild again, it is mostly with their alts. Still better than pugs but usually with an under geared character hoping to get a bunch of drops. As a result the achievements I want to get are on the backburner because you have a better chance of accomplishing them with main, well-geared, well-played character.

Unless I myself decide to start playing alts again, I'm just spinning my wheels as far as the group achievements go. I could spend time on the solo achievements but I specced to primarily group and at the moment is what I'm enjoying believe it or not.

I remember reading in Everquest you grouped because you had to. And part of World of Warcraft's revelation and revolution was you could solo and progress. With this expansion your ability to solo is coming much, much faster. Great for those who like to solo. Not so great for those of us who want the multiple player experience.


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