Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

For me this time last year I had 2 simple resolutions
1) Play WOW less
2) Enjoy WOW more

Overall I think I played WoW less than I had the previous years, even canceling the game for a short while.

I enjoyed my new character more than my old one, even going so far to retire what I felt would always be my main.

However I can't say with honesty I kept my resolutions. This leads me to set the same resolutions this year. Maybe I can do better this time around.

As mentioned in my previous post I've been rebelling against the idea of playing alts. My theory is if I'm that bored with my main character I should just log off the game instead of hopping on an alt and attempting to finish another endless list of things.

I've been tempting to start new alts already, but with my resolution in mind I'm staving off temptation. It has actually been working a little I happily admit. I've logged off several times recently simply because I've grown bored of what I'm doing on my main. Not having another alt to sink my time into helps make logging off easier.

I want to look back next year being successful keeping my resolutions this time. That will be the best achievement of all.


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