Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Something just dawned on me about 5-mans pugs.

For this discussion afk can mean a true "away from the keyboard", something else distracting you (like a guild discussion) or even just zoning out (not of the instance but your mind) for a second.

So...what happens when a healer goes afk? The group can be more cautious about pulls, even incorporating the lost art of cc and keep going until they get to a point where the healer is necessary.

And what happens when a dps goes afk? Depending on the rest of the dps, the group can possibly keep going and clear the whole place, perhaps at a slower pace. You may not even notice until someone posts recount.

But what happens when a tank goes afk? Unless there is someone else there that can assume the tank role (boomkin can probably take a few hits, rogue can evasion tank a few) you're dead in the water.

And maybe that's what makes "gogogo" so frustrating. As a tank you are not afforded the time to respond to a whisper, get up to let your dog out or simply have a brain fart.

If you aren't 100% there, someone starts poking and prodding you with the "go" stick.

It's annoying and you wouldn't treat healers and dps that way.

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