Tuesday, September 7, 2010

4 years ago

Almost exactly four years ago I started this blog to vent and chronicle my time in Azeroth and eventually beyond.

During that time - in no particular order - I've wanted to stop playing, tried to stop playing, stopped playing, wish I hadn't stopped and started playing again. I've had times I kept playing when my posts clearly show I wasn't enjoying it. And I've had times that proved why WoW was so addictive to me - good, simple, clean, fun.

Coming so close upon an blogiversary date (Sept 12 to be exact) this would be an apt time to call it quits. But given the fact that...

A) I haven't canceled my account
B) I've mentioned quitting before only to come back with a vengeance
C) Maybe its just pre-expansion blues

I'm not going anywhere yet (to wherever that place is long-time players go when they quit WoW). For one I've got a few things keeping me around. But their hold on me is tenuous.

Oh yeah, I guess the broadaxe fell.


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