Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bad mouthing WoW

One thing I haven't wanted to do because I think WoW is a good game, is to bad mouth it.

I don't feel like I'm, as Tobold says, one of the "larger number of people played World of Warcraft for several thousands of hours, and burned out...unable to talk in terms of personal choice: For some strange and twisted reason they feel the need to claim that World of Warcraft is a bad game, "dumbed down for morons", etc., to justify that they don't play WoW any more. As they can't admit that they quit WoW for personal reasons"

No, while I don't think I actually left WoW on a great note, I didn't leave WoW because I think its a bad game.

However as I spend time away from it I am left with let's say, a bad taste in my mouth, about it. So much so I started a new blog and ended it almost as quickly as I started it. I wanted to keep this blog "pro wow" in a way. My other short blog was an attempt to put my negativity bias elsewhere.

If you asked me right now if I would recommend the game to someone new, well, I wouldn't. Or maybe I'd suggest they play through it to cap and quit and we all know how well that goes!


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