Friday, December 29, 2006

The Ant and the Grasshopper

"Blue" (what we call any blizzard employee forum poster because their text is in blue - in this case Nethaera) started a thread on the official forums about preparation for the Burning Crusade.

I'd link it here, but Blue posts have the tendency to grow large, break then disappear. Anyway I've copied it here for posterity:

For those that are getting the expansion, what do you look forward to most and how are you preparing for it?

At current, I'm doing some last minute rep adjusting, storing away a few items I know I'll need and pretty much enjoying the hustle and bustle of everyone else.

Some players are farming cloth for bandages. Others have been mining so they can level up jewelcrafting. And some are working on Exodar/Silvermoon reputations - for mounts I guess.

Someone mentioned reserving names for their brand new blood elves and paladins. I'm glad they mentioned that, because in the past I've spent literally an hour thinking up a name for a given character. If I go ahead and get that out of the way now, my friends won't be waiting for me in the starting area while I sit at the character screen wondering if this name sounds too exotic for a alien race and if that name sounds to valley girl for a pompous elf.

I have mixed feelings about preparing for BC. Anytime I start planning I feel like I'm taking a game and making it a job. On the other hand, I'm the same player who saved gold from the time she started her second character until she hit 60, so that I could buy an epic mount as soon as I dinged. So I know the value of preparing, stockpiling and saving. Work before hand saves time later.

But still, sometimes I think, its a game - why don't I play it by ear? If I feel like farming runecloth (for some crazy reason) so be it. Otherwise why spend time doing something I'm really not up to doing, just so I can level up my first aid to 375 as soon as I enter Illidan's realm?

If I'm a grasshopper now, will I envy the ant in the Burning Crusade?


Keystone said...

I reserved the name "Lockstone" for my new Blood Elf Warlock. I thought it was a funny name twist, since my mage's name is "Keystone", heh.

I never thought of saving up cloth to level first aide, thanks for the tip.

At this point, farming ruin cloth sounds much more interesting than the PvP grind ^^

Anonymous said...

Well, since winter isn't really dangerous, I think I'd much rather be the grasshopper. Especially when if you think about it, the ants didn't care about life that much. The ants had a life but nothing to live it for, and the grasshopper had everything to live for, but no life.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean, i want to prepare but it only worries me when i do. So i just end up preparing for one thing then running off and killing something to add some randomness to the game. nice blog by the way :) check mine out

Tauhid Chappell said...

interesting, Ill have to ponder that post hehe..dont know what im going to do! =/

oh yeah, tag your it (see blog for details)

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