Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Swapping one with the other

The holidays, the release of "easy epics" by way of the new pvp system, and the impending release of the Burning Crusade - have slowed down my raiding. Which is a good thing right?

Well I've replaced it with pvp. I spend just about as much time, if not more pvping as I did raiding because I want one of those GM weapons. Do I really need one? No.

As my friend said "there is always something to do in this game". Which is awesome when you want something to do, but not so great when you don't want this game to be all that you do.

So once I get my GM weapon, I'll be done with having to pour so much time into pvp. But I wonder....what will be the next time sink? What will I swap pvp with once I'm done?

I'm hoping, eventually, I'll quit setting these virtual goals.


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