Tuesday, December 26, 2006

PvP reward

Tobold compared the recent popularity of the new pvp system with Running with the lemmings.

The easiest epics to get in the game now are via pvp and guess what? That's what everyone is doing.

I have my GM weapon - not as quick as some, but I dare say quicker than most. But after the time I've spent to do so, I've decided that pvp grinding is not for me. No more than reputation grinding.

I fell easily into the trap of grinding non-stop in pvp. I wasn't able to stop until I finally got something but in the end I felt a bit of disgust and I won't do it again.


Mr. Gone said...

Here here. I did the same thing, I did the grind for thirty of each mark to get the special mount. Ended up with 15000+ honor which I have yet to spend because I don't have enough marks. Not sure if I want to take the time to earn more of the marks.

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

Hmm...I hate to go against my own advice, but I dare say you are close enough to at least get one of the 22500 honor rewards which, I think is the lowest item that would be epic.

I'll put it this way, if you can stomach some more pvp for a purple, go for it.

But it sounds like you've already taken advantage of what the new system has to offer, so you can get out and do something else you find more fun!

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

Right after I posted that I got a bad feeling in my gut!

It sickens me that I would even give advice that involves grinding!

I'll say this, at least whatever honor you did earn IT WILL NOT DECAY!

Hooray for a better pvp system!

If you decide later on (days, weeks or months) that you want to spend a little time getting more honor, at least you won't be starting from scratch. Which was what was so broken about the old system.

Also, if you are so inclined, you can just save up the honor (up to 80-90k I think) to use for level 70 rewards...

but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Craig said...

Do you think grinding rep or pvp is any different to working 9-5 5 days a week to get enough cash to buy a house?

Must admit the PvP grind for me was more interesting and varied than the Cenarion grind back in Silithus - the challenge of facing random skilled opponents is quite interesting to me.

Also - to be honest, if I had 15k honour I'd be itching for one of the weapons ;)

Anonymous said...

A lot depends on personal taste and your definition of "grinding". I've had non-gamers express their opinion that the entire game seems endlessly repititive. I found CC rep in Silithus to be painfully tedious, while killing high level undead in EPL was rather fun. If you've never enjoyed pvp (that would be me), striving for an epic's worth of honor and marks is going to be a grind, but a decent percentage of my guild would be pvping regarless of the honor system.

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

Grinding is definitely subjective.

I didn't really realize it at the time but the amount of raiding I was doing was actually grinding instances. And many players find that unappealing.

I hate to keep falling back on the priest thing, but I think grinding would be more tolerable if I had a dps spec.

My thing about the pvp "grind" is I hadn't pvped like I used to until they new system was released. And then I'd say only 20% of that time I was pvping for the fun of it. (Yeah a made up statistic.) The other 80% I only had the goal of a reward in mind - that's when it turned into a grind. Constantly queueing up, and picking BGs I don't necessarily enjoy (WSG), yeah I made it a grind. Hence my disgust.

Cap'n John said...

After doing so many of the Darnassus Rep quests (unfortunately pre 2.0 where they were worth considerably less Rep) my 60 Dwarf Hunter is still barely halfway through Honored with the Elves and I'd pretty much given up on ever getting him a Tiger Mount.

With the new PvP system I also gave up on getting my Epic Bow (I had 2 of the 4 Demons) and decided the Grand Marshall's Hand Cannon was the way to go. After sucking it up and getting the 40 AB Marks I had barely a third of the Honor I needed for my new Gun, meaning I still had a long grind in AV ahead of me. Somewhere along the way I started working on WSG Marks and just last night, yes, right before BC came out, I got my 30th WSG Mark and finally got my Tiger Mount. Of course had I hung on to my Marks for just a few hours I could have potentially got a PvP Dranei Mount (if one exists), but I like Tigers, so it had to be the Tiger Mount ;)

Now I need to grind AB for another 16 Marks to bring the total back up to 40, but at least now I have almost half the Honor I need for my GM Hand Cannon. I'm sure there are better weapons in BC, but I doubt I'll be seeing them other than in /chat when the lvl 70s start linking all their Orange loot. As a non-Raider, the GM Hand Cannon is potentially one of the best ranged weapons available to me.

But to get it I have to grind, and after doing PvP for the last month or so I know this; PvP for the casual really is nothing more than a grind, and not a particularly enjoyable one. Farming can be pleasantly mind numbing after a hard day at the office, but the PvP Grind is just a chore.

Anonymous said...

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