Monday, March 12, 2007

Mount money

Once I decided to begin the epic task of saving for an epic flying mount I realized I wasn't as bad off as I thought.

Now I've been playing WoW on and off since release. I have several characters with stuff I've acquired and just never took the time to put up at auction. My mailbox always has something in it I've mailed back and forth between alts because I never took the time to do anything with it. I'm also fairly tight with my gold which is weird considering its virtual money. You'd think I wouldn't hold onto it like I'm saving it for some rainy day. 5g to a beggar? Get a job! 300g for a recipe? No! I can't swing that. 1200g for a Quel'Serrar book (ha! bet you can't give these away now)? Never! Who has that kind of gold lying around?

Well apparently I did. After sending all the gold I had on various characters, selling off many of the raw materials I had saved up for those professions I never got around to leveling all the way to 300 (now 375) I found that I was almost half way. Already without killing a single humanoid or spider. It was like those people who have antiques in their home and never realized they were sitting on a fortune. While I knew I wasn't starting from zero, I had no idea I'd be well on my way to my goal before I had even started!

The hard part will begin soon, since all the gold I had accumulated before hand wasn't the result of grinding, it was just the by-product of doing quests, leveling characters, etc...I came by it "easy". Eventually I'll have all those extra mats sold off and I will have to actively going to grind for cash. And, as I have mentioned before, I hate grinding. I'll have to keep reminding myself why I'm doing it - a fluffy new flying mount awaits!


SingleGrrl said...
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SingleGrrl said...

Hey there!

If you've got a high level enchanter, consider picking up the Gamma release of Auctioneer which includes Bottomscanner. I've made a killing buying and disenchanting things from the AH and then reselling the enchanting mats.

Of course, it'll still take me a while to afford the epic flying mount, but by the time I laze my way to 70 I'll be able to afford it (too many alts to advance to get my hunter to 70 fast)

Great blog! Mind if I link to you? :)

62 Troll Hunter, Zul'jin

Unknown said...

Hi there,

getting all that money is not an easy task, not even at 70. I will buy an epic mount one day, but still I wonder if that should be a priority.

I have just post a piece about this. Would love to hear from you on the subject.

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