Monday, March 2, 2009

10 v 25

Are you a 10-man raider only, 25-man raider only or do you raid both?

The reason why I ask is I thought I was both, until I heard 10-man Sartharion + 3 drakes is harder than 25. I realized the few 10-mans I was doing here and there wouldn't be enough to get OS10-3 (Sart103D?) ([10]S+3)? No wonder WoW appeals to mathletes.

I've yet to try 2 let alone 3 drakes as a 10-man. In fact every Sartharion 10 man I've done so far has been one step up from a pug, full alts and pulling in people from other guilds. Basically getting whatever we could done without putting forth much effort. I've done more Naxx 10-mans, but it also has been a mix of alts and whoever was bored that evening.

So I can't really say I'm a 10-man raider. I don't have a consistent group of 9 other players I raid with each week with a goal in mind like I do with 25. And although as a raider, you'd think I'd be working on what is considered the hardest encounter in the game so far, I'm not.

I've been tricked!


Unknown said...

I posted my views on the raiding in the last 10 vs. 25 thread you made >.>.

But for what it's worth, I'm a 10-man raider.

Sartharion is pointless if you don't leave drakes up, imo. Sarth10+2 drakes is already pretty intense, and we haven't even tried the 3 drake version.

Some of my guildies did a Sarth25+1 drake semi-pug simultaneous with doing the 20-man kill and reported that it was "easy". No comparison to its 10-man counterpart.

Not sure if that's what Blizzard intends in the future (they're dead set on the hard stuff being 25) but for this tier of content, 10s can definitely hold their own in terms of difficulty.

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

I only think about 3 guilds have done Sarth10+3 on my server. And the best guild we have said it was really brutal.

That leads to the argument if Sarth10+3 is the hardest encounter should the loot be comparable to Sarth25+3?

Then again (only based on what I've done so far) everything else on 10 is easier than 25. I think it's because more people lead to more problems. :)

Unknown said...

Then the raid leaders should get better loot for putting up w/ the extra administrative nightmare of 25 >.>.

One death on a properly-tuned 10-man fight can often lead to a wipe. One death on a 25-man is a lot easier to absorb. The weight of responsibility is higher in 10-mans.

That's the essence of why Sarth+drakes is harder w/ 10. The most solid strategy has one player DPSing until Vesp lands, and then healing. The tanks have to do a little dance to make sure the drakes and the add tanks (of which there can only be one) cover everything. One healer has to deal w/ the massive dmg from Sarth on the MT with nobody else to pick up the slack.

To get down Sarth10+2, we were micromanaging things to squeeze every ounce of DPS out of the raid or we would fail. Everyone had to perform to max. No 25-man fight this side of Sunwell was that demanding on all raiders present.

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