Thursday, March 12, 2009

More than one mmo?

When I think about how huge of a time sink WoW is, its hard for me to believe I'm going to ask this but who else plays more than one mmo?

At one point in time I've had more than one subscription going, but usually not trying to play them all at once.

But I have been wanting to try a new mmo, if not try an old one again. Not LotRO, but maybe EQ2? I need to search my blog to see why I quit.


Unknown said...

I used to play both WoW and EvE, but quit WoW after I dinged 80. My suggestion is to pick games that are different enough. I'd imagine that playing two DikuMUD derivatives where the main activity is raiding would get old fast and lead to scheduling conflicts. Also, at most only one of the games should be a timesink, with the ideal being games that support playing in short, unscheduled stretches.

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