Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Too hard and too easy

A few weeks ago our 25-man raid had a few wipes to Sartharion + 3 Drakes. This is the fight where you have to stay out of Shadow Fissures (a circle of pain on the ground), move between Lava Waves (walls of pain on your sides), avoid Fire elemental Adds (pain around your ankles) and Whelp Adds (pain around your head), just to name a few.

Needless to say we had a few people that had trouble with all that was going on. Eventually our raid leader gave a warning if they didn't shape up (quit dying to stuff) they'd be replaced. Eventually two people were close to the chopping block and as I recall at least one person was replaced.

Later on I found out the person replaced ended up quitting the game. And one of the other players decided to quit raiding. Neither of them gave what happened in the raid as the primary reason. But it seemed obvious to me.

Today on the official forums there was a thread made by someone who said their guild would quit the game if Ulduar turned out to be too easy. I wonder why they haven't quit already. If it was that easy I assume they were done with current content a long time ago.

We want the game to be all things. Too hard so winners can be set apart from the losers, and too easy to keep from having to split up friends and family.


HP said...

I think that people complain it is too easy and it is a bit true since it seems everybody and their mothers have finished all available WotLK content.

As for the 2 that quit WoW, imo they probably couldn't take the fact that they were failing to do something that was supposed to be easy (not true really). It is a big blow to the ego to be told you are holding back an entire group because of your inability. And as WoW is something people do for fun in their free time, I can understand why they got upset and quit.

As for making WoW too hard to appease those that think it is too easy... Keep in mind that I bet those that keep complaining so loudly how easy content is will probably be the most butt hurt if the content that is now too hard completely eludes them. They'll be the first to QQ and quit too.

I think what people really want is content that is hard enough so that when people progress, it has meaning but they want it easy enough so it is within their reach even if they are not true "hardcore".

It's not right but too many people in WoW use progression as an example of their superiority but that's just how it goes.

I guess everyone thinks of themselves as a superhero in this game that they should be one of the few that manage "hard" content and get to look down at those that only did "easy" content.

Weird, no?

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

I agree it is weird.

Not only do they want to look down on others, some players don't even want easy content to exist! They don't want there to be an Ulduar easy mode. If someone kills Arthas on easy mode it somehow diminishes their Arthas hard mode.

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