Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When were these comments made?

"Won't you people ever get tired of running around a world, finding some monster, and hitting it over and over and over again until it dies or it kills you?"

"it is NOT a viable fantasy game, since so few people are actually able to do what they REALLY went there to do: PLAY. Instead, it's hours (or in some cases DAYS) of time spent..."

"I left xxx not just because it was boring, but because of the rude jerks"

"I haven't completely quit the game, but am seriously thinking of doing so."

"I am tired of all the kiddishness that goes on. I am pretty much in the same boat ... I am just tired of the jerks, idiots and morons"

"yup its boring, i keep playing. whatever."

"I think it's a cool place to chat or to smack around mobs, so long as you have some form of fun"

"Just goes to show you that the more simple something is the more simpleminded drones will flock to it !"

"hearing the incesant DING from morons everywhere. we dont CARE ok. and for the folks that say grats… /SMACK you all suck too. go away! lol"

"the expansion after expanison added when lots of broken stuff never gets fixed… and all the nerfs that have been inflicted after they have been in implementation for 6+ months."

"ive been playin fer bout 9 months n all i have to say is that its the best online experience i have ever had!!"

"I spent 1 month playing xxx before i realized it sucked. I kept telling my self once i leveled up it would change, it would be more exciting, There would be a bigger goal then just leveling, but guess what there wasent. "

When were these comments made by various people? Just the other day?

Nope, I found these comments in a forum from 2001.

So obviously they weren't even made about World of Warcraft if you were thinking that.

Nope, these were complaints about Everquest.


Unknown said...

Enjoyed Azeroth for a long time now, a new continent to explore now with the release of the new expansion
"mists of pandaria"...

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