Thursday, April 17, 2008


750 badges.

That's how many badges of justice I would have to get to purchase upgrades for my alt.

Seems a bit insurmountable at the moment....

Let me cross off the things that maybe I'll have a chance of getting close (not as good) alternatives for elsewhere.

It drops me down to 615.

Still seems as unreachable as 750, given I've managed to get 45 badges so far in the past months or so.

Hmmm let's mark off the 2.4 items for now, those are the highest costing...

Now I'm down to 70. That's much more reasonable!

The question becomes do I really want to spend 35 badges when I could use them toward a 150 badge item?

I'm interested in keeping track of how long it will take me to get 750 badges total. Will it keep me busy until WotLK? Yes.

But will it keep me entertained?


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