Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Can" versus "have to"

Nice post on Blessing of Kings, pointing out that dps doesn't necessarily have to group with people while for the most part healers and tanks do.

No, please don't nitpick that tanks and healers can do things on their own. Of course they can. But the overhead of tanking and healing is an extra price many players aren't willing to play.

Someone makes a post on the official forums every once in a while to allow free respecs or a choice between two specs that you can choose from for a nominal fee. Those supporting this the loudest are tanks, then healers. Prot tanks, namely warriors respec completely to have fun in pvp or to farm a little bit faster.

DPS can leave a group and just about do anything in the game without the feeling they need to group up for something.

Sure they can, but they don't have to.

I remember on my healer whenever I complained on the forums about farming, someone would inevitably say "take a friend!"

I group with friends when I want too! How many of your friends want to group up to farm something for you, let alone themselves?

The dailies and adding damage to healing has helped tremendously. But I still look forward to doing dailies on my dps character which is much more fun and easier.


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