Monday, April 28, 2008

Travel for sub 40

I decided to take a small break from trying to get groups for things on my 70 and spend time on my lower level alts.

One thing I forgot but was quickly reminded of is what a pain getting around is!

I chose 2 alts to play and I spent at least 20-30 minutes on each of them getting from a main city, to a spot where I could pick up quests, then travel to do them. In one case, I found the area I chose to still be a bit tough for me, so I spent another 15 minutes trying to get someplace else only to do one quest and get bored with it.

My one alt is a mage so I used blink, and the other is a shaman so I used ghost wolf, but it still was a huge step back from traveling at epic flight speed.

I told a friend, only half-jokingly, that I would pay for someone to get my alts to 40.

The first time through having to take time to travel made the world seem big. It made you feel you had a lot to explore. The fifth or sixth time through makes you feel like you are literally watching minutes of your life tick away for nothing.


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