Monday, April 14, 2008

What is it called

...when an individual goes after his best self-interests but in the end it benefits the group?

A discussion came up in guild about loot (what?!!? no way!!!). While passing on loot so others can have it sounds like a good idea. I'm leaning on the side of the fence that ultimately it works out for the worser.

My reasoning is due to why a player needs loot deferred to him or her in the first place.

Is it a new alt? Then the other people shouldn't have to bear the brunt of getting them gear.

Is it a new role? If the guild has asked them to play it then maybe I can see deferring to them so they can fulfill it properly.

Is it a new player? Once again, should other players have to bear the burden of getting them geared?

If a player themselves isn't working hard to gear themselves in all of the myriad of ways you can currently do now, I don't feel gear should be defaulted to them as a result. If a player has the ambition to get things crafted, pvp, earn badges etc vs. showing up for a raid and hoping everything gets defaulted to them which is the one you'd rather have in your raid?


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