Tuesday, April 1, 2008

PvP to be added to Hello Kitty Online

Disgruntled with World of Warcraft's pvp system and irate with the arena changes, people were dismayed by the announcement Warhammer Online was being pushed back to the fall.

As a result, resounding cheers and befuddlement welcomed the news that Hello Kitty Online will be released with a PvP version for only and additional $10.00USD per month. The mod will simply be known as Hello Kitty PvP.

Due to the age of the population Hello Kitty attracts, an age restriction is in effect for the PvP version. Not surprisingly it has been rated M and the label is slapped on the PvP box that will only be sold from behind the counter. The original version Rated G of course can still be picked up off the shelves.

I've splashed my page with pink in honor of Hello Kitty lovers everywhere.

Do you agree or disagree with the change?


Anonymous said...

I agree!

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