Sunday, April 26, 2009

Documenting history

As guild member after guild member quits, I feel like I'm watching another guild.

I've heard other guilds on our server fall apart. Larger guilds. Many move on to make better guilds. Some move off the server. Some quit.

I'm actually still having some fun playing the game. There are parts that don't involve being part of a guild, like the Noblegarden event. However, it is a huge downer to see "X has left the guild" usually followed by several more as they remove their alts.

I don't have any idea what lies in store for this guild. I've been a part of it less than any other guild I've ever been in. My loyalties don't lie with it. I'm not going to look back on it as the greatest time I've ever had in WoW, because this era hasn't consisted of any milestones for me. So far I've leveled a character some more levels, I've helped clear an instance (albeit easy) from start to finish, and I've got some achievement points. None of this was new, except the points put a value on things I was already doing. But I didn't join the guild to reach some kind of higher height. I joined because my friend was playing and that hasn't changed so I'm staying for now.

I wouldn't mind a new view. This guild is small and has gotten smaller. I do like the idea of larger guilds where someone is always on doing something. What I don't want is to feel like I'm playing a single-player game.


Anonymous said...

You don't sound very happy.

Best wishes and hope it all sorts out for you!

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

I've just never been in this type of situation before.

Thanks for the kind wishes.

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