Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Whatever the guild wants"

I have never in my history of raiding witnessed someone say this and remain true to it.

You would think raid recruiters would see through this. Actually it should raise a red flag. When you realize the term arose, pardon the pun, as a sign of defiance more than simply being a problem area.

Someone who applies stating their willingness to do whatever the guild wants, you'd think they'd be snapped up in an instant. The problem is, in my experience, these free agents have never stuck with what the guild wanted and in the end usually /gquit disgruntled. What's worse is when they place or at very least widen a crack in the guild's cohesiveness. Misery loves company and someone who publicly vents at the guild in their exit interview usually prompts some other "Yeah I never liked this or that either!" responses from otherwise happy players.

What looks like a godsend, is either someone wishy-washy about what they want to do, a people-pleaser who will not get their neediness reciprocated, a manipulator who plans to switch to what they really want to do the first chance they get.

I'm not saying there aren't those out there really willing to do whatever the guild wants for any long period of time. I've just never seen it.


Verilazic said...

Obviously, there are people out there willing to do anything for a guild. But everyone wants something in return, right? Maybe "whatever the guild wants" is commonly the line of someone willing to do anything for progression? At which point, if a guild stops progressing, they'll jump ship, is what I'm thinking.

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

But month after month, year after year, would you be willing to play a role in a raid you didn't necessarily care for just to progress?

Verilazic said...

Fair point. I didn't think about the whole time aspect of that. Though at the same time, that statement doesn't include time in it either. Is the person saying "Whatever the guild wants forever", or "Whatever the guild wants until I'm a full member"? >.>

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