Thursday, April 2, 2009

Saying no theme

As a part of my Saying No campaign for April I'd like to share a friend's experience.

One of my friends is a tank. The expansion is going into its sixth month and people continue to level alts with ease. But when they hit 80 they ask him to take his Ulduar-ready tank through instances with them. He's gotten to the point he says No. Some might think this is selfish, but isn't it selfish to ask someone to continue to play their original character while you cycle through getting various alts epics?

I'm one of those players who hates saying No. So I have alts that stay unguilded that I can hide on and play in peace. Maybe some day I'll be like my friend. Able to stay in guild and just say "No. No I don't want to run your new alt that just dinged 5 minutes ago through Halls of Lightning".


Ardent Defender said...

I have to say I agree with your friend the tank, given that I play a tank as well I can understand just why in various ways. Tanks as a core can't get skilled by any other means but to stick it out and run instances for gear the hard way if they want to be effective.

If I'm geared and still on my one toon and others are on their 3rd to 5th I'll say NO to in helping them breeze through instance for gear. They can always go find a pug group and run it. That's tough love.

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

And surprisingly many expect the tank to have near-perfect gear while they show up in greens!

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