Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Keeping up with the Khaz'goroths

Matticus made a "Well duh!" post many of us should read.

He explained the frustrations some guilds are experiencing as they compare their progress with others. If it isn't obvious to you why your guild hasn't cleared most of hardmode Ulduar like Ensidia read his post. Even if it is obvious it bears discussion.

As I look forward to getting inside and learning boss fights, I wonder why people are so eager to get on the PTR to learn it there and just repeat it later on live. The only thing I can figure is most of the instance means nothing to them the final boss, Algalon is the goal. All the other bosses on hardmode are a form of attunement. The real fun for them is being first to the final kill.

For someone like me, the entire instance is fun. I like thinking I have something to look forward to for a while. Not just a week or two. But just like I have a limit to what I find fun, I guess they do too. I don't enjoy wiping for a month on one boss just like I'm sure they don't like wiping for a week on one boss.

Anyway, I think you should determine your guild's level of skill and set a goal of yourselves. Constantly comparing yourself to another guild who raids more, is quite possibly more skilled (whether you want to admit it or not) has more chance to set you up for disappointment than motivation.


Me said...

Maybe, if they practice ulduar on the PTR, then their stats don't show their deaths to boss X on the armory? Or they can come back to their realm and go for a harder mode and make it look easy to those around them? There's no record or perception of failure?

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