Monday, May 11, 2009

Casual Raiding

I did a search of the term "Casual Raiding". I was suprised to find WoW Wiki had an entry on it with a note "Casual Raiding is relatively new to the MMORPG game genre."

The entry was short giving the obvious pros and cons of casual raiding while describing it as "a raiding organization that places focus on exploring raid content without a driving focus on raid progression".

I'm not sure how old this entry on WoW Wiki is, but from my own experience another description could be added. First off the usual disclaimer: casual and hardcore and what they mean to each individual can be as varied as each individual. With that said, I've been in guilds that raided "casually" and I didn't like it much at all.

Note: In making the following descriptions even I had trouble with how to name the various levels of raiding. It ended up being silly.

The Casual Lite Raiding of my past consisted of the following:
*A very laid back attitude (exasperating to me)
*Alts were welcomed no matter how badly geared
*Several raiders with bad specs or specs not raid friendly
*Extremely slow progression

The Hardcore Casual Raiding of my past consisted of the following:
*Serious attitude, but not necessarily backed up with skill
*Alts not welcomed
*Usually no bad specs, but not always necessarily raid friendly
*Decent progression, but looking back, not for the amount of time raiding

Hardcore Raiding (I have no personal experience with this but this is what I imagine it to be:
*Serious attitude with the skill to back it up
*Alts not welcome on progression night whatsoever
*Raid specs always
*Fast progression matching the time spent raiding

Recently I've been a part of what here I'll call Casual Raiding. It doesn't match the Wiki description.
It consists of:
*Serious attitude with some with the skill to back it up
*Alts are not welcomed but as last resort you try to accept the better geared alts
*Raid friendly specs highly encouraged
*Decent progression for the amount of time spent raiding

This is where I like to be. The difference is there *is* a focus on raid progression. I don't want to spend much time raiding but when I do I want to progress as much as possible.


Verilazic said...

Probably the trouble in categorizing it comes from the fact that it's more of a continuum than 2 or 3 or 4 distinct zones. Some guilds allow alts, some don't. Some are serious, some aren't, and some have the skill to back it up.

It sounds to me like you want a raid guild that is serious and good when it comes time to actually do the raid, but is otherwise casual and easygoing, with a casual schedule.

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